What a better way to decorate a kids room with bright hand painted drawer pulls/knobs. These pulls are hand-painted with acrylic paints. A layer of non-toxic varnish is then applied for protection and to further intensify the vibrant colours. 

Drawer Knobs/Pulls for your dresser come in 2 sizes.

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  • Regular (1 1/2″) – $7-8 each
  • Large (2″) – $10-12 each
  • If you are local to Woodbridge, ON and would like to pick up, please email caribimbi@gmail.com

Each wooden knob measures 1 1/2″ (regular size) or 2″ (large size) in diameter and includes #12 – 1 1/4″ screws. These are standard screws that should fit most 3/4″ cabinets but may require larger hole drilled in cabinet. Please note, closet doors are wider than a standard 3/4″ cabinet drawer. These screws will not be long enough. Please contact your local hardware store to see if the longer screws are available before ordering. 

Please provide any specific requirements, including background colors 

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